A perfect place for the amateurs of the history of the 7th Regiment of Riflemen Cavalry of Greater Poland

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We would like to invite you to Ułańska Zagroda, a place dedicated to history and tradition, where time runs slowly. It is a perfect place for those who really appreciate silence and privacy. On our farm, we offer ideal conditions for your convenient stay. You can spend your free time in an active way as well as prepare for triathlon. Our ‘Theme Holidays’ offer is very rich and attractive. Here, you can find the forests full of mushrooms, the lakes full of fish and unbroken silence. We offer: theme holidays, horse riding course and convenient stay.

Agricultural Tourism of West Pomerania

Ułańska Zagroda is an ideal place for athletes who are preparing for their triathlon competition. We offer perfect conditions to practice your form and stamina required during the competition. Moreover, your training can be pleasant. We really encourage you to visit Ułańska Zagroda. We offer a nice service and a great location. It is a perfect place to make friends, fall in love or become a new champion. It is worth visiting our farm where you can relax in the luxury of nature or benefit from our theme holidays.


7PŁK Strzelców Wielkopolskich

Ułańska Zagroda is a place devoted to 7th Regiment of Riflemen Cavalry of Greater Poland

(...) Throughout this battle the sacrifice and bravery was demonstrated by 7th Regiment of Riflemen Cavalry, whom I entrusted the hardest tasks.

They spared no blood to do them.

48 officers, non-commissioned officers and shooters were appointed to the Order of Virtuti Militari - 34 will receive it posthumously.

In recognition of the bravery of the Regiment, I presented a flag to mark the Order of Virtuti Militari Class V.

Regiment Flag is a gift of Poles from America (a city of Passaic, New Jersey) who can be proud of Riflemen Cavalry of Greater Poland (...)

The proposal of granting the Order of Virtuti Militari Class IV and V by the commander of the Cavalry, Brigadier General Roman Abraham.